Ronald McDonaldinho

Hollywood's much-hyped, much-marketed latest edition of the Superman franchise hit movie theaters this weekend.

The film features an otherwise ordinary man who transforms into a superhero when the world desperately needs him, showcasing death-defying stunts while wearing an outfit with a big 'S' for Superman blazing on his chest.

Hitting the pitch in Frankfort on Saturday was a man named Mr. Ronaldo de Asis Moreira, a superstar who the world occasionally needs to rescue it from the dour Joga Feo tactics of European sides. (sans Zizou, of course...but that's just the North African A-rab in him)

Mr. Moreira left the tollboth/dressing room with a colorful outfit and his first initial blazing on his headband, for all the world to see.

But the remaining letters went missing, and he remained an ordinary no-name. 

Who was that mysterious man?