Circle KSA

There was a lot of grass-kissin' during the Tunisia v Saudi Arabia all-Arab derby on Wednesday.

The unabashed worshippers from the Kingdom got down on their knees to thank Allah not once but twice during their 2-2 comeback draw. Then after the match, they got up to take a stand against all that is evil in the West, Mr. Busch. No not George, unfortunately, but Anheuser.

Saudi players don't accept man of the match award
MUNICH, Germany (AP) -- Saudi players who are chosen as FIFA's man of the match
during their World Cup games will refuse the award from sponsor Anheuser-Busch.

As the article points out, the award ended up going to the Tunisia's Jaziri player so no harm, no foul. But who'd want some frat-house souvenir beer mug as reward for being the game's best performer, anyway?

It's actually a farcical issue worth noting, since we're talking about an alcoholic beverage company sponsoring FIFA youth events like this one.

Meanwhile, British health officials are also warning about commercialization and the Fast Food Nation of Beer Bellies their citizens might turn into -- much like its former colony across the Atlantic -- while catching World Cup fevah.