The Skybox of God

Attention, ladies and gentlemen.

Diego Armando Maradona is in the house.

After sneaking into Argentina's first two games, we've already seen more camera shots of a bling-blinging Maradona and his rawkus VIP box than all other
football legendarios combined.

We shouldn't expect anything less.

Maradona's probably been shown even more than the Argie players on the pitch -- which isn't such a bad thing if we're talking about less close-ups of Carlos Tevez, the neck up. (what happened to the F.Redondos and G.Batistutas?)

It's an interesting sight watching the People's Champ do his thing. Wherever Diego-a-go-goes, a fiesta of some sort follows. On Friday his entourage included his daughter, his step daughter, and both his current wife
and ex-wife. All the while being shadowed by two gargantuan black guys who looked like they just left working the 50 Cent concert.

Beat that, Pele and Franz.