Forming an Unholy Allianz

As the World Cup kicks off today at the Allianz Arena in Munich, it's expected that the VIP stands at stadia will be dotted with famous German people thoughout the tournament.

Someone like "Dirk Nowitzki". This man, Novetschi, is a basketball player. Apparently Mr. Novitzkee is a good basketball player.

Maybe even people of kraut descent, like David Hasselhoff. If we were to be so blessed by His presence.

But one famous German you won't see blessing the stands is the new Pope, Benedict. Whereas the previous head coach of the Catholic Church was a fan of soccer and sport in general, this current Head of Fate seems as square-footed as he is minded -- but that's probably why he scored the job in the first place. Like, in the 'prerequisites' section of the online application he filled out a couple years back.

In an ideal world we'd all get to see Pope Benedict show up for one game in particular, that being the Germany v Poland tussle on June 14th in Dortmund. It would surely be the man's first sporting event. Perhaps even first experience outdoors.

It would make sense. Germany, Poland. A wonderful rememberance to the previous pontiff. (and to Dirk Nowitschee, btw -- a German of Polish heritage) A true passing of the baton for his work of several decades. (and to Dirk Noveski, btw) Something the aptly-titled 'Chiristan Democrats' would be proud of. (so would Dirk Knovetskee)

As Jesus would have it, that match has been formally billed by law enforcement as a ticking timebomb, likely to attract hordes of xenophobic, hyper-sexual, alpha males with a penchance for felonious violence.

What Would Dirk Do?

"Holy Shit, are you Bono?"