Spanish Armadafuckas

According to the official Germany '06 website, there are a lot of famous people who we'd be surprised to know are big followers of the World's Game. One of them is Brooklyn homeboy Spike Lee, a filmmaker noted for capturing the themes of civil rights and race relations.

Wonder what Spike would've thought watching Monday's Spain v Tunisia game.

First we saw a couple of Confederate flags waving amongst the Spanish contingent in the stands. It's the same flags we've seen the last few years at the Nou Camp, Bernabeau and venues throughout Spain where brown skinned people are heckled by intoxicated and unemployed cro-magnon bufoons.

Then on the sidelines we had the cantankerous head coach of Spain, Luis Aragones. This fossil attempted to energize his players a while back by instilling some comically Hitleresque racially-tinged motivational speech. One target was Arsenal's Thierry Henry -- coincidentally a good friend of Spike Lee's.

I Have A Dream: One day Barcelona's head coach, with Barcelona's best player, along with Barcelona's second best player, and their best substitute player, get together to form the "International Alliance of Colored/Black Footballers". And just walk off, middle fingers blazing, during the middle of a Champions League or La Liga match. You know what we mean.

Ignorance is everywhere, but what makes the Spain situation particularly bizarre is their pretentions toward being some sophisticated, advanced country. Seeing how diabolically non-chalant and dismissive their authorities (and populace?) are to the actions of their moronic ultras on both club and international level makes their Road to South Africa 2010 an extra long trek indeed.