Powered by Seoul'er Energy

Regardless of the outcome between Korea and France on Sunday, rest assured that the Korean fans will get together in astonishingly large, organized numbers.

Then find good reason to Be the Reds again. And again.

Koreans are good at many things, and one thing they've mass-tered is the art of congregation. Of course we saw it worked to resounding perfection when South Korea hosted the World Cup in 2002. It might also explain some of the Weird Christianity and Weird Music, too. And North Korea's awol government knows a thing or two of squeezing people together in an attempt to make a statement.

Thankfully, the Koreans haven't taken the proverbial foot off the pedal of their Hyundai Sonata V6 ever since.

Over one million hit the streets of Seoul for a 10pm kickoff for a first round, first game against first-time minnows Togo. On a Tuesday. There were also big street gatherings in Los Angeles' bustling Koreatown and other major cities around the

Best of all, it's all hooligan and litter-free -- Korean fans, like the Japanese, are famous for cleaning up after themselves. Hopefully they won't forget that virtue.