Forever Pyoungyang

Lets face it, folks.

It simply wouldn't feel like semifinals week at the World Cup without some grandstanding from Kim Jong-Il, now would it?

Didn't think so.

As the corporate media bots keep telling us, the government of North Korea tested a few missile-thingys. But, geez, what's
a country without cable television supposed to do with all that spare time in the middle of a long hot summer?

Shockingly, the last time there was a major fracas of this level was exactly four years ago. Just before South Korea played it's final match in the 3rd Place game against Turkey, a jealous Jong-Il was guilty of some Korean-on-Korean crime out on the disputed high sea, in a weak attempt to grab headlines away from the sweet run of the Red Devils.

Interesting event planner, that Jong-Il. Even the squares at the Pentagon mentioned a few weeks ago that the grand leader was going to do some stuff during this World Cup like he did four years ago.

Maybe Kimbo should just get North Korea to qualify for a World Cup. They haven't been there since their surreal run in '66 -- coincidentally the last time Portugal was also in the last four. 

But that would all be too rational.