One Game Announcer Changes Everything

Well it's July 4th in America, so get out the Foreman Grill, the hot dogs, the illegal fireworks, the Miller Lite, the annoying relatives, and gather 'round the television for.......Germany v Italy? In "socker"?

Yes, it's Independence Day in 2006. ('Dependence Day' if you're an actual Native American, Mexican, or another non-WASP) Demographics are changing, Media is changing, and America is changing. Now that's a Declaration of Interdependence.

We have a special treat for you in honor of this paid holiday. Our correspondent in Germany, Naveed Marley, ran into one of the USA's finest exports in the personage of ESPN's Dave O'Brien, the voice prima facie for World Cup telecasts beaming into the States. Well, its main man for non-Spanish telecasts.

Naveed found Mr. O'Brien at a multi-storied McDonalds in downtown Dortmund, throwing down a few Deluxe Sausage Egg McMuffins just hours before the start of the Italy v Germany semifinal.

Watch this space for Naveed's exclusive, two-part interview coming very shortly....